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VT 700C Shadow, 1983 Honda VT 700C Shadow Road TestCycle 1982 Okay, try this one for size: The VT750 Shadow is the most radical motorcycle Honda has ever built. Maybe it's not radical in a technological way, though there's plenty of innovation and bright-think to impress anyone who has more than a couple of engineering genes. The Shadow is the most radical Honda in the way it looks and in the way it interfaces with the rider. As for looks—all the styling cues seem to have come from Milwaukee, and Willie G. Davidson must have been flabbergasted when he saw the Shadow. There is, after all, a Milwaukee look, in the same way that there is a Mercedes-Benz look, and it would be pretty startling to see a new Honda automobile that took all its styling cues from Stuttgart, nicht wahr? Frankly, we don't care how a motorcycle looks. We do care about how motorcycles work with their riders, and here again the Shadow is the most radical Honda we've ever tried—because the VT750 is much less a rider's motorcycle than… Read more


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