Honda EXP-2 Honda

EXP-2, 1992 Honda EXP-2 Get ready for a serious comeback of two-strokes in the near future with engines that can compete with four-strokes head-to-head in emission cleanliness, fuel economy, and ride-ability, all the while retaining power, size, and weight advantages over four-strokes. Off-road and motorcross riders have long enjoyed the benefits of two-strokes, which have evolved into highly reliable motors. For you (American) street riders out there, two-strokes have been a thing of the past, banned in the U.S. for their unclean emissions since 1985 (100cc and over). Just when two-stroke fans had given up and bought old, clapped-out two-stroke street bikes, Honda is now poised to bring them back. Big Red has designed and built a race-winning two-stroke prototype that has emissions comparable to a four-stroke. Named the EXP-2, this bike has demonstrated the possibility of a rebirth of the two-stroke engine as an environmentally friendly machine.Two-strokes have several advantages over their… Read more


  • Make Model
    Honda EXP-2
  • Year
  • Power
    54 hp @ 7000 rpm
  • Dry Wight
    159 kg


Leaving Varanasi - Mahanagri Exp. (July 1992)

Overtaking Kushinagar Exp. - Mahanagri footplate (July 1992)


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