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CX 650TC Turbo, 1983-1984 Honda CX 650TC Turbo Promises, promises. In 1983 three of the Big Four manufacturers unveiled the world's first production turbocharged motorcycles, heralding the dawning of a new age in two-wheeled travel. It sounded too good to be true; sure enough, it was. Turbochargers on the boost gave middle-displacement machines wondrous power, yet the trade-offs resulted in a net loss. Two shortcomings—limp-wristed power off the boost and annoying turbo lag—handicapped the first-generation turbos. Though these machines showed promise, they weren't functionally superior to 1100cc Superbikes. The turbo bikes were successful despite their turbocharged engines, not because of them. How green these first-year efforts were has become apparent in their second year of production. Honda's 1983 CX-Turbo is vastly improved, enough that some riders will consider the 650 Turbo a viable alternative to a normally aspirated 1100cc sport bike. Many of the 500TC's shortcomings arose from its modest… Read more


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